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    Check this out Cingular 3G
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    Yeah baby. All we need now is some kick *** 3G smartphones to use.
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    Treo "Hollywood" will be Cingular 3G some time Q2-Q3ish 2006. I don't know anything about it except it's Cingular 3G and has no antenna. Don't even know for sure what OS it will run. People on Howard Forums say the Cingular 3G is a little sketchy right now for coverage since it's still so new (but that'll improve fast.) But they're getting 1Mbps+ data.
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    I hope the prices go down fast as well. $60/month for unlimited is pretty steep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trowa
    I hope the prices go down fast as well. $60/month for unlimited is pretty steep.
    $60/month is for unlimited laptop use. That's down from $80/month just 2 months ago for just EDGE. $60/month is a price match with Verizon's $60 for 3G.
    Media Net unlimited ($20) and the PDA data connect ($40) should also be able to use 3G when/if your device supports it.

    So it's not really a price for 3G, it's merely the price of the existing data plans that (should) already get you 3G. You'll simply get the fastest just like EDGE and GPRS.

    You need to get a new SIM that supports 3G since 3G is an entirely new network. Typically the new 3G phone/PDA you get will come with a new 3G SIM that you'll be activated on so it's no big deal. You'll get one when you need it.
    The new 3G SIM is backward compatible with all current GSM (non 3G) phones. So if you got a new 3G SIM today, you could use it on your Treo, you just won't get 3G because your Treo doesn't support it.

    Cingular doesn't sell 3G phones or PDAs yet, so things could change and they could make new phone & PDA 3G data plans. I just don't expect that to happen, though. Just have to wait and see when those new 3G phones come out in January.
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    Anyone know when Cingular's HSDPA is going to be available in the New York City area??

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