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    I am looking for a little info/help here.

    I have Cingular service. I am wanting to get a Treo 650.

    I actually have access to an unlocked Treo 650, but I am wanted to know
    if there is any difference than the branded Cingular one.

    Yes I understand that the unlocked on is, well "unlocked".

    Are the apps and the Treo's functions the same, just doesn't have Cingular everywhere, or am I losing some items by going the unlocked way.

    Also do the unlocked versions get the same updates and new firmware?


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    I say just go with the Cingular branded Treo b/c you will at least get the phone subsidy. The Cingular branded Treos have some specific optimized soft like better integration with text/mms services etc and I think email client? (Sorry, I'n not a Cingular user so I'm not totally positive)...

    Anyway, Palm finally released the firmware update for the Cingualr Treo so it is finally up to date with other versions, so that shouldn't be a problem...
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