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    will my simcard with tmo from june 2002 work with the 650 once it is unlocked?

    is a new sim from tmobile free?

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    I have had my sim card replaced a couple of times at T-Mobile. They never charged me. They just pull one out, grab their little copier (looks like a calculator), pop online to change the sim id number on their system, and you are good to go..
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    I also had my card replaced for free last year. I didn't even ask for it: The guy at the store was helping me move my Treo quick dial numbers to a Samsung phone, he saw I had what would have been a 2002 version Sim card, and he just said I needed a new version and did what temna says. I think your old card should still work though as long as its currently activated.
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    I have use a rather old T-Mobile Sim on my unlocked Treo no problem. It is pre 2002, and has voicestream label on it.

    One difference I do notice. I borrowed that 5 yr old sim from coworker to check out T-Mo service before I got my own. I was pleased - but when I got my own T-Mo, I didn't see the same thing. On the voicestream SIM, I was able to register on the Cingular tower near work; whereas the new T-Mobile sim I got cannot register on that tower. Initially, I thought it was different options in the plan. After speaking to the CSRs a couple of times, I gave up and accept the fact that I can't.

    I believe it was a blue tower, and I think it will switch to orange if not already. So I am not sure such switch changed that picture.
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    I use an old sim that says VoiceStream on it from around January 2002, and it works fine.

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