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    I just got a targus bluetooth mini mouse which says supporst DUN. But so far I cant figure out how to get it to work with my treo. It came with its own bluetooth app. Are all apps different? It detected the smartphone but so far I havent figured out how to do anything with it. I want to set it up to use DUN
    Is there a step by step guide on how to do this?
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    I too use Targus bluetooth mini mouse (and its USB dongle).

    I loaded the included CD (for the device drivers and so that BT works on my laptop). I have my bluetooth working with my laptop first: ie, mouse works, I can do hotsync via blue tooth. Once I am comfortable that BT is working, I switch on DUNS on the Treo, I have my laptop scan for services from my Treo. Pair them and I get on DUNS no problem. I found DUNS to be rather slow but otherwise works.
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    Well, since you have t-zones, your best bet is to either use the software included from your computer to dected the Treo and see if it gives you the option to do a DUN via the BLuetooth connection from your Treo. Of course you need to put your treo on DUN mode for this. If the detection goes well and it asks you for a username and a password (I am assuming you use a PC, not a MAC), just leave it blank because the t-zones network does not require any of this information.
    Once you have this done go to your web browser and use it with a proxy server instead of the default connection. Go to your web browser settings and select "Use Proxy Server" and type in "" and use port "8080" After this is done, your browser should be able to get you into any sort of website without any problems. I would help you through the whole process but honestly time is a major issue for me.
    If it helps at all, I have a post on how to set it up on your Mac (in case you own one) here:

    - Best of luck to you.

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