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    Hi everyone,

    I have a cingular treo 650. I use it with an ATT/cingular sim card that I used with my previous cell phone and it works great. I've tried to put a Cingular sim card on it and it said that the card can't be used in this phone. This is strange because I pulled that cingular card off another Cingular treo 650.

    Does anyone have an explanation?

    thank you so much
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    Sounds like the Treo may be locked to AT&T. If it is, even though Cingular and AT&T merged, a Cingular sim card will not work.
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    Actually, I'm not exactly sure:
    I've tried the ATT sim card in another cingular treo 650 and it worked. So I really don't know.
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    SIM cards don't make a difference.

    It's the device that's either locked to one carrier on unlocked for all.

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