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  1.    #1 nice to the moron making this post.....

    I currently have a t600 w/ tmobile...and am happy. But would like to upgrade to 650 for blue tooth and better screen that I need to use a couple of other apps (hp rpn calculator emulator).

    I seem to see quite a few Cingular t650s on ebay but have to assume that they are locked. My question do I unlock them? I know it is possible but have never done it.

    I currently have an AT&T t600 that still give the AT&T screens on reset...but I have never really cared. it uses Tmobile just fine.


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    Go to you use the promo code treocentral you get $5.00 off. I did this and my phone was unlocked in 5 minutes. However, follow each step exactly as written. If you screw up you will have to buy another code for unlocking.

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