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    Im thinking about buying a Treo 650 on Ebay , It has been used, and it says its a Verizon unit.. I was told the those are not unlockables since its CDMA, Do you think I will have a problem getting this thing activated with Verizon or maybe another carrier?
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    If it says Verizon, that is the only carrier which will work with it. If I were you, I would call Verizon and ask if they will activate it for you.
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    Ask for the ESN from the buyer and then contact Verizon to make sure it is not locked. God Bless.
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    well I also heard if this unit has been reported lost or stolen, they wont activate service... is this true??? I just dont want to buy something to later find out I cant activate it at all

    thanks a bunch for all the comments
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    correct- just call verizon and say someone at work is giving you a used treo, tell them the esn and see what they say

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