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    I tried searching the net, this board and calling VZW but they're closed now.... it's Sunday.

    Is there or does anyone have a packaged serivce with VZW to have VPN and cell together? My friends business depends on VPN but hates the cell coverage with T-Mobile.... they have a package that incorps both. Also, doesn't the lacking coverage also affect the VPN?..... since no coverage on the phone for calls no signal to access VPN.

    Any insight or references to a solution is much appreciated.
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    For those who might end up searching for the same quesion, the answer is no. Called VZW. The only current solution would be to have a vpn set up with another provider and have a wireless sync connected using the Treo. Hopefully VZW will get on the bandwagon and go toe to toe with T-Mobile on this service front.

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