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    Over the last three months, I have seen a spike in (a) dropped calls, (b) calls not ringing, going to voicemail, and (c) no calls connecting, ie... dial and nothing. My commute route, which for the past 5 years had no cell gaps now drops call exactly in the same spot. I get "3000" data errors in the morning where I cannot get connected to Vision... but only before noon. The signal bars go up and down like mad when this happens.

    At first, I assumed the 650 was the culprit.. but my Chairman was having the same issues in Houston as far as items a, b and c.

    You'll love this... when I waded into a Business customer rep to complain, she explained that "with the merger, there were going to be problems". Can you imaging the reaction of their CEO if he overheard this. Man, they are stupid.

    Anyway, please comment if you are seeing a general decay in service from Sprint. I need some cannon fodder to lay on some SVP in Kansas City that I can lay my hands on. Please send your grievances with details, maybe I can help us all by stirring up some crap.

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    I've been a sprint customer for 7 months switching from nextel and I have nothing to complain about. my service has been great. hoefully your service improves for you! I went thru the same thing from nextel and switched to sprint.
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    I've been a Sprint customer since 1998, with signal always decent at my house (1-2 bars). I've had maybe a dropped call every month or two for seven years now...until about 3 months ago. Since then I get 0-1 bars at home, with half of my calls dropped and half of my data sessions unable to connect. I called customer support and they opened a trouble ticket for me. A week later I called back to check on the ticket, and it had been closed because they couldn't reach me (on my cell phone!?!). Opened another ticket, and this time they called back saying that a technician found a problem at the tower closest to my house. So I asked if and when they would fix the problem. The guy said that they found a problem...that was all they could tell me. That was two weeks ago, and I haven't heard back...and no improvement in service quality at home. Grrrr!

    By the way, this isn't just an issue with my phone. Same situation with my wife's and daughter's phones.
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    Any more war stories on Sprint service failure, especially in the last three months, are most appreciated. There is no question something is happening, I am hearing it from other people in my area. Let us know where you are.
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    i'm in northern california,

    lots of those same kinds of problems.

    And Sprint thinks they feel they can give us additude
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    you guys need to go over to and post this in the sprint forum. they are very good at helping out and providing solutions. there is a way to handle this - unfortunately i dont know the answer off the top of my head but i have seen similar posts in the past, i just fail to remember the solution.
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    I too have seen crappy reception for about three to four weeks now before that its always been great (5+ years now). Today was horrible! I called sprint and the rep blew me off (told me to check with some friends here in town. See if their phones were acting up to and have them call)-SO I emailed them and complained. All I want is the phone to work, its my main phone, if it doesn't work no one can reach me. Damn, what must we do to get REAL assistance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eclipse
    Any more war stories on Sprint service failure, especially in the last three months, are most appreciated. There is no question something is happening, I am hearing it from other people in my area. Let us know where you are.
    Yah only the past 2 months, I have had a terrible time getting service, constantly to do I have to reset the phone just make a call or log on to vision. But it has only been in the past two months.

    I am about to go and trade in the phone to make sure it is not the phone.
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    i also have had increased issues as the original post stated.
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    lots more dropped calls recently
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    sometimes i wish i had a gsm 600... so i could pick and choose my network and change sim cards....

    good gracious, i'm about to go and try to find a pay as you go sim card and stick it in an old nokia phone i've got sitting around.
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    I have heard from people who have discussed it with Sprint reps that it has to do with the intergration with Nextel. But I don't know if it is true.
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    We have a treo 600 that has had terrible sprint network connection lately to the point the phone is nearly unusable as we are constantly getting network errors and dropped calls. The Treo 650 we have, however, is still working well in the same areas the 600 isnt. So, maybe it's someting to do with the sprint software update (Treo 600 v. 1.2) that no longer is compatible with whatever sprint has done to their network??
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    Not sure if this is related, but I noticed after hanging up a couple of times in a totally metro sprint covered area (one time it was at LAX) when I was suddenly roaming. I called Sprint immediately after and she said that I had to uncheck the digital roam box under phone preferences but she didn't see that I was charged for roaming. I was weighted down with luggage and didn't change my selection and forgot about it, thinking it may have just been a program error since after 5 years with them, I'd never gotten a roaming charge. Then I notice it happened again yesterday...I immediately called and she couldn't find THAT charge but noticed on the Nov 1st I had a 7.00 roaming charge which I said I wouldn't pay for. I remember getting stuck at the Seattle airport and having to make several calls. She said that if there's a stronger signal from another carrier's tower my phone could have picked it up. So, I could be talking on roam for quite a while not even knowing, since it's not some remote area I would expect it to be. I have now changed it (a feature I didn't even know was there) and checked my flip phone and it was on automatic also yet it never happened on that phone or any of my others in several years I've been with them and frequented the same why?? I'm wondering if it's some how tied in to these dropped calls and other networks are picking up the slack.
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    About a month ago my service started gettin sketchy. Dropped calls, straight to voicemail, etc. I'm in Eastern WV, about 1 hr from D.C. and this is gettin retarded. After waiting forever to get legit Sprint coverage in the area, and being almost excited about the merger, now it's just a pain. Browser can't connect, Express can't update, the list goes (sporatically) on and on
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    I did have problems while this thread was developing: dropped calls, switching to roaming due to weak signal, etc.. As of today it's fixed. Some improvement was made since I now get 3 out of 4 bars on the bottom floor of my house where before I used to get 1 or 2 at best. At work inside I used to get 0-1 bars and now I get 1-2.
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    I had this issue a few weeks ago. I called Sprint and got the first intelligent human being in the 5 years I have been a customer. Apparently, Sprint sent an update to many phone and this update didn't take. What then happens is that the phone gets very confused and tries to lock onto the wrong tower.

    The fix is that they deregister your phone from the network, then register it. It takes about 5 minutes and the results are night and day.

    Hope this helps.
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    Apparently, the problem is widespread. I've been experiencing the same symptoms for the past 3-4 months, and Nextel never had a presence here in Puerto Rico.

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    I haven't noticed any decrease in service in Austin TX or the surrounding areas.

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    Crap service here in Missouri. All kinds of connection problems. Dropped calls, you name it. After several years of smooth operation my service is horrible.
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