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    I keep timing out when trying to get e-mail or synch AvantGo -- yesterday in Manhattan I was out of luck all day, this morning in Brooklyn, same deal -- anyone else?
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    Sprint coverage is fairly touch and go in New York from my experience. I live in Poughkeepsie, and am surprised at the number of times calls will drop or that I can't get data coverage. For the most part I have no issues though, I've got the trouble spots fairly well matched up. Hopefully, the Nextel towers will start carrying Sprint CDMA soon. That'd be nice. Especially since Nextel signal seem to reach where others can't.
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    it hasn't been a problem in the 6 months i've been with Sprint -- if i was in a dead spot in Manhattan or Brooklyn, a few minutes' walk fixed it. but being unable to connect for 24 hours, that i've never seen before.
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    e-mailed a complaint via the Sprint PCS site late this morning, which may have nothing to do with the fact that i can now connect.

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