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    Well i've been with T-Mobile for 3 years now, but i'll be taking a long look at Sprint with there $15 all you can eat EVDO, or $25 a month for all the goodies along with the EVDO.

    All I need now is a EVDO phone on Sprint that has bluetooth and DUN capablities that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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    Bring on the Treo 700p!!
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    If you already have vision on the Treo 650 I don't think that the EVDO service would br an add on or separate sevice once you get an EVDO capable phone. I heard that if you have an EVDO phone it will automatically prefer the EVDO network & if that is not available, it will switch to the normal Vision speeds. So we may be grandfathered in to our current pricing ($10 a month for unlimited web & picture/ video mail & text). Is this true or as soon as we get a EVDO device will they make us get the new EVDO plan?
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    I found this on EVDOforums:

    It may be completely different, but EVDO automaticaly kicks in on my aircard so I would assume this would be the same on the phone.

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