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    Before I do this and fill my Calendar with duplicates, is there any problem with having regular wireless synch happening and then occasionally notsynching Outlook from my desktop? Right now, I have HotSynch set to ignore my Outlook files only sych wirelessly. Using new Treo 650 with Verizon without any real problems. Thanks very much.
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    I have not tried this myself, but I've read where this will cause problems. It seems that the VZW Treo only wants to sync wirelessly *or* through hotsync, but not both.

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    Thanks, I think I'll avoid. I had hope to connect directly to Outlook through corporate VPN (Checkpoint) and MS Exchange server, but couldn't get VPN client (Movian) to authenticate properly.
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    i wanted to do the same thing but had problems. what i ended up doing was uninstalling the VZW conduits from my PC (i have another machine always connected to the network running the wirelesssync software pushing my email). i then set only Inbox to push to my device as i only really want my email on the road. then i sync using the traditional palm hotsync and outlook conduits. this is also the only way i could seem to get it to work when syncing to two different computers. i run outlook at home on a completely separate, non-corporate, non-exchange email account but want my calendar, contactsm etc to be up-to-date on both machines.
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    Thanks for your input, AdamF. (Too bad about Theo!) I might try this. I have the VZW running from my always on desktop PC at work, but usually did the synch with MS exchange server from my desktop at home. Not sure yet, though, if I really need to.

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