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    Ok fellas, I know you guys are the pros so I have to know. I did a search but didn't get a direct answer to my question...

    I bought a new Verizon Treo last saturday for $299. I accepted the $100 off in exchange to be put on their $45/month data plan.

    I was told that you have to keep the data plan for at least 90 days or they will add that $100 to your bill. She said they would do this even up to the 89th day.

    Now, is this true, or is this just a scare tactic to keep you from bailing on the data service?


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    I wouldn't mess with their billing department especially if you signed your name on that deal. I've learned from my mistakes.

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    If it is NOT in writing, like the the $175 early cancelation fee is, then IMHO how can they enforce it ??? Hope this helps. God Bless.
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    They messed up on this person's bill and way too much headache going back and forth.

    Since you were told "X" they might make you hold up to it. If this conversation between you and VZW was done on the phone, "You're call might be recorded for training purposes."
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    this is true, when you call to drop that feature they will look to see if you go the $100 advance device credit. if you got the credit and it has not been the 90 days they will charge that $100 right back to your account for a nice surprise when you get that months bill. hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by axiomjunglist
    I did a search
    See. That wasn't so bad was it?

    Seriously, if it is on the contract that you signed, you're going to be stuck until the time period is up. Otherwise, it is going to depend on who you talk to and at what level. Your best bet will be to get a manager at a local store.

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    Seriously...thanks all. I will stay on for 90 days. Not gonna risk it!
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    Very nice.

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