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    wait and demand a credit. I've already ahd one credit applied, and I'll be asking for another today for this month.
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    it was not just Treos b ut all types of phones...
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    Mine is still NOT fixed. I have been called by 4 managers in Data over the weekend, and they keep saying they have my account working on another Treo there in Virgina, but mine still does not work. This is a joke, actually more than a joke considering wheat I had to do to gget a hold of a manager. I already filed a BBB complaint, and I am not paying a penny again this month !!! I wonder how much longeI should wait before I switch to Verizon ( I'm not a happy camper
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    Hadsame Problem Use P68.28.89.76/s68.28.81.76., Password Kvi5tg
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    LOL....way to go resurrecting a 3 year old thread...jk
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