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    Thanks for pointing me to this awesome thread that has got the ball rolling...
    First off...
    California has had the worst network problems these past few months... What alot of things people are experiencing as for dropped calls, network failure etc... Will be in California region. This problem with the Website Login failure REALM* is something totally not connected to California. This is nation wide...
    From what I hear at work..."clearing throat..." There is no update on this Website Failure ticket... I will keep everyone posted when this does change I will post it... And if anyone else finds out before LET US ALL KNOW!! PLEASE... Thanks and here is a great screen shot of my friends TREO with this SEXY error...

    TAKE CARE EVERYONE... Keep this thread ALIVE!
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    My phone has been screwed for days with "Service not available" any time I try using vision services.

    Made 4 calls (they have no CRM system so i have to repeat myself each time) and finally last Level 2 guy did full profile reset. I was in boston at the time.

    Came back home (NJ) and I'm back to the same issue. I don't have another sprint phone with VIsion so I can't be sure if its the phone or the network...Their support blows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinuxChick1975

    This is slightly off subject, but I am in fits with Sprint right now to get me back to the $15 Vision rate that had me at the unlimited text messaging with my 600. I had to exchange my 600 for a refurb, and when they switched phones they messed up my Vision (they said the "premium" was taken off), and then told me that I've never had unlimited text messaging.

    Any advice on how to get the unlimited back?
    Saw this yesterday:

    They can't change your plan. Just advised them to review you past bills for verification that you had this plan and that someone at Sprint changed it, without your knowledge or authorization.
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    OK, hard reset my phone today as was advised by 2nd level Vision support a few days ago. I can now access my vision account but now getting the following:

    We're sorry, but because your plan recently changed, we are unable to display your usage until the start of your next invoice period.

    Possible changes to your plan include:

    * Switching to a new plan
    * Adding an option to your existing plan

    Once again, we're sorry for this delay, and thank you for your patience.

    Must once again call Sprint to see what the heck is going on as this message is displayed when I access my account via my PC as well and I did not make any changes to my account.
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    I too am experiencing this same "Webiste Login" problem and I too have SOB story about the useless suipport I got from Tier 2 and CS in general. I also spent 2 hours in the store, and today, finally got a replacement Treo (my 5th and LAST !-- Screw you Palm). ANyway, I still have the same exact problem as other people. The weird thing is that I can access my POP email using VersaMail, can use my copy of VeriChat. I still cannot browse the web, norcan I send Picture Mail. Go figure. It has been 5 1/2 days now and I still have not recived word of a fix, etc. I will defenitly not be paying for Vison and will be asking for a discount for the amount of time I spent on this issue with Sprint.

    If it wern't of rthe fact theat Cingular sucks , and T-Mobile is a joke I would switch in a heartbeat. !! Come on Sprint, tel us the truth and stop making people go through Hell just toget a straight answer !
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    The screen shot of my friends Treo 650 is now up and working!!
    Right after I called him to let him know the trouble ticket created about the Wireless Login error was slowly rolling out some possitive results. He told me it came on around 12pm today...

    ALL OF YOU with the website login issue... Let us know when your're able to get online... This would be great info to me and others...
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    Same issue as everyone else. Talked to Sprint tech support tonight (got bumped up two levels of tech support) and they couldn't do anything for me. They created a ticket but I'm guessing that ticket is doing as much good as everyone else's ticket. The guy I talked to said he hadn't heard of this (google... you'll find plenty of people complaining). Attached is my screenshot...

    Hey sprint, consider this a bunch of unhappy customers waiting for an answer:

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I too am having vision access problems. Talked to one of the "non technical" support reps, and he told me he didn't know of any problems. I've seen here
    however, that one person at least fixed the problem after being advised by a vision rep to change his HA. I'm going to call vision support today and see if this fixes the problem.

    FYI, I'm not having the "web site login" problem, I just can't access anything online (through blazer or any other 3rd party internet software), except sporadically. When I can get access, it's either deathly slow or gets dropped quickly, or both.

    I'll update when I get info
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    I never saw the Realm problem, but I did see the same "possible billing issue" error that someone else was getting. I had it for a day and a half. Last night, I called Sprint and eventually got to someone who knew what he was talking about. He said that he had heard about this problem from several other people. He reset something, and said that things should be working in about an hour. I went to sleep, and this morning woke up to see a "PCS Setup" screen on my Treo. After walking through that, everything seems to working fine - I'm crossing my fingers that I don't run into any of the billing or other issues that folks are seeing.

    So at the very least, it looks like there are two different problems...
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    I still have the exact same problem with logging on to any web pagges. I just went to the store here in an Francisco and Demanded that someone of authority call me back and explain why a multi-million dollar company can not figfure out a networking and authentication issue. I also asked that they explain to me why i should pay even a portion of my billthis month considering how mcuh time I wasted on the phone, in the store and replaying back to useless CSR's via emal and still not getting satisfaction. There is clearly a problem here, and I bet that if there was actually someone at Sprint who knew what they were doing, that they would have at least a quantifiable answer as to "Why this has been taking almost a week to fix !!! I am about to just give up on Sprint and go witha Pre-pay service from Verizon.

    This is SAD

    If anyone out there hears of a solution, please email me, as VersaMail seems to work fine.Thanks
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    My vision has been driving me crazy, I called support and they said remove the battery and wait 5 minutes then put it back in. They told me sometimes the vision connect loses your phone if it has been on for a long time. Well I did and no problems for nearly an hour.

    So that might be the solution.
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    I'm on hold with technical support right now, and I'm not hanging up until I get someone who can help me. I'll tell you what I find out.

    what i really don't get is why noone at sprint seems to know about this.
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    ok, allow me to update you all.

    I wouldn't have hung up - IF I HADN'T BEEN DISCONNECTED 4 TIMES.

    The first 3 times, I either got forwarded to the wrong support group (customer rather than technical) and the 4th time, I got disconnected once I started talking to the tech support person.

    I can't help but wonder how much of a coincidence that can be.
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    Okay looks like they are having some problem with the proxy. They made me change my primary HA to and it work until today then it stop. Didn't want to go through tech support and waste another 1.5hrs so I change my primary Ha to like over 16 differnet one. do a search on this board if you want to try them out. Anyways figure since it was a proxy problem... I decided to bypass the proxy. Heres how you do it. This is for people with problem of gettting a login screen when using blazer....

    You must know the MSL. Go to the phone screen and type ##3282#. You're on the "Data" screen now. Press the menu button and choce "browser" Now click modify and input your MSL. Now clear the primary and secondary NGG. and make the port "0" Oh remember to write down those number becuase when sprint fixes there problem you will want to input it back in becuase if you don't go through sprint's proxy server you can't use sprint's homepage to download music, games, check account status, etc.

    Oh forgot to say use at your own risk =)
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    tech support is having me do the following to see if it fixes it:

    dial ##774#
    it asks if you want to restore to default factory settings
    say yes and you have to enter your MSL to do this

    you then get the phone updater, which he told me the longer it takes, the better a sign that is because it's downloading something helpful.

    Anyway, I didn't have enough of a connection for that to complete, so I ended up with no vision service to even connect to. I had to drive a mile away to get enough bars to be able to complete the update.

    The update didn't help.

    I was still having the same problem. So, I disabled my ngg altogether, and I now seem to have regular service. At least this is a temporary fix, but sprint really needs to get on the ball.

    My recommendation? Just disable the ha.
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    k, looks like someone finally picked up the ball on this one. I called sprint and when they looked up my ticket number they at least had it in the system as a system wide problem that many people have complained about (better then the "I've never heard of this" response I got a few days ago). No ETA on being resolved but at least they are moving in the right direction. Hopefully it'll be fixed by Monday morning...

    BTW, disabling/changing the HA or poking around anywhere else isn't going to help. Not every issue can be solved overnight. Give them a bit to fix it and don't be afraid to ask them to credit you the cost of vision for the month. It's the least they can do.
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    I didn't have problems exactly llike this but something is going on here in the DC/Balt area.
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    My wife and I (we both have 650s) are having problems loading pages. On the first attempt we get an error message stating "Page could not download. Please try again later", and if you immediately try again it works. This happens for every single page every time. Very annoying. I'm going to call them this morning. It's been happening since Friday.
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    I have a Treo 600. My PCS Vision services have been down since at least Saturday. I can't even get through to tech support, so I can only wonder if this is a nationwide problem associated with the rollout of EVDO PCS Vision services...

    This really sucks since I use PDA net to connect to the Internet for work and am in the middle of a big project...

    I live in Brooklyn NYC by the way...
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamedeveloper
    This really sucks since I use PDA net to connect to the Internet for work and am in the middle of a big project...

    I live in Brooklyn NYC by the way...
    I would think that even in Brooklyn you should be able to finder a faster connection than through your Treo. No wonder the project seems so big
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