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    I had a strange thing happened to me that I never thought about.

    I was in a business meeting the other day when I got a text message no big deal. than I got another and another over and over and over. I received a good 25 messages. Very annoying to say the least. I could not figure out how to block the text messages does anyone know of a way

    I did not know this person it was just a jumble of letters, kind of reminded me of IRC flooding.
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    I don't have an answer for stopping SMS's.

    Do you use Sprint business connect or Cingular xpressmail? Those "push" e-mail systems send SMS (normally trapped by their client programs) to initiate e-mail retrieval. If the client is mis-configured, you'll see gibberish SMS's.
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    If that doesn't work, then search for callshield or callfillter. Finally I recall that Treohleper can automatically delete certain sms as well...
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