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    I've been with T-Mobile now for 5 years; 4 years of that in Atlanta where their service and coverage was excellent. The last year in Napa, though... ugh. So I'm finally tired of the Sidekick I "upgraded" to 3 years ago from my Treo 180.

    I thought I'd give EL a try, especially with the current deal they've got going on the phone. My Treo should be here this upcoming Monday or Tuesday, and there are already 3 things that I'm (hoping to be) impressed with. First, even though everything I've seen online that says initial cost is going to be price of phone and first month's cost (made to sound like it's payable at time of order), I will be paying mine on the first month's bill instead of out of pocket now. Second, I ordered, sadly, the $15/1000SMS add-on (I typically use just under 4000 a month). After logging on to myEarthlink and looking at my plan, it's showing $10 unlimited SMS. Man, I really hope that that's not a mistake! And third, which is really no big deal, but could come in handy sometime, is that it also shows that I have unlimited dialup. So, if my Comcast broadband is down (like it was the two nights ago for three hours), or I'm in an area where I can't get data service on my Treo, I actually have another way to get online...!

    Now I'm just hoping that the Sprint coverage doesn't blow in Napa/SFO. Having a 30day BR period helps quell those fears a lot, though.

    I just thought I'd share in case there were other people wondering, and I was hoping to find out from other people if the $10 Unlim SMS was a reality...

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    i dont use sms becuase with verichat you can make IM's go through data and it's free if you have unlimted data
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    They must really be wanting to move some EL units with a $99 price point. Let me know how it works out. My sprint contract is expiring here pretty soon.
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    Verichat lets you use data but there is a catch. If you keep Verichat in always on mode so it vibrates after you leave the application you will miss some of your voice phone calls and they will go straight to voicemail. You don't have this on T-mobile or Cingular because the voice call will temporily break the data connection. CDMA does not behave the same way. I had this problem when I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint and it got to be a pain for me. I ended up going back to T-Mobile and I am generally quite a bit happier.

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