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    Apparently it is an old promotion. At first they offered me the $70.00 plan--I'm rounding up, I'm drunk. It was like 69.99. Says I can cancel at anytime. Called the "Smartphone Unlimited Data Plan".

    Pay as you go is just horrible. I had to do something. Last month I had them turn off data after I downloaded something like 6 meg and it cost me something like $60.00.

    Has anyone got a better rate for unlimited?
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    69.99 include EVDO - useless with a 650. You have the right plan - 44.99.
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    Well, they sure as heck were going to sign me up for it if I hadn't protested! Guy had me on hold for like 5 minutes before he found a plan other than pay as you go or 60.00+.

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