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    My wife finally got tired of my old Treo 600 and wanted to upgrade to the 650. We sold the 600 on eBay and went to our local Sprint store on Saturday to get the 650.

    Initially, I went in there dead set against any new contracts, accessories, or anything else outside of the phone, which was priced at $549.99. The sales associate who helped us was very nice and extremely professional to my surprise. We told her what we wanted to buy and she went to go get the phone. When she came back, she had a SE HBH 608, a leather flip case, a car charger, and the 650 with her. At first I was like because first, I didn't even know they had SE headsets there, then I was thinking "Is she going to give these items to us?". Well, the answer was no, but what she did try to do was give us the headset ($79.99 retail value) for $5 if we signed a 1 year contract. We declined. First, because my wife doesn't want a bluetooth headset, and second, I know I can get on cheaper from eBay. I told her I'd be interested in a lower price on the phone in exchange for a 1-year contract, but nothing else. She said she couldn't do it (a true saleswoman). I said "ok, just sell me the 650 at full price, then." She starts clicking on her computer again and says, "ok, what about $511 for the phone with a 1-year contract?" At first, I thought the $511 didn't include taxes, until she said the phone would be $474.99 plus taxes, which adds up to $511. Sure! Sign the wife up for another year! Great deal and great service. This was definitely a pleasant experience.

    I didn't think we'd qualify for anything since we both have switched phones twice each over the past year and don't meet the 2-year clause. I was also surprised to see Sony Ericsson headsets there. My next phone will probably be purchased there instead of the downtown Chicago store I bought mine from.
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