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    I've enjoyed my VZW T650 for most of the last 5 months. The last few weeks it has suddenly started resetting during phone calls. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes it happens 3 times in 24 hours. It appears to occur most frequently when I am on a long call, or when something else happens during a call (like an incoming call). I have no choice but to fix this since I have lost business opportunities by losing the caller and not being able to get them back quickly. I thought Snapper might be causing the problem becuase whenever I get a Snapper incoming mail notification the unit freezes (no buttons work) for a minute or so, but I uninstalled Snapper and the resets are still happening. I have searched the forums and learned about different types of resets, ROM upgrade, which are better apps then some I have, and trouble-shooting. At this point I don't know what is the best route and I would appreciate advice from experts.

    I am thinking of wiping the unit clean and reinstalling everything. This might allow me to make better choices as far as apps, install more to my 2gb Sd, etc. Here are my questions for any willing expert:

    (1) Is this the right strategy, or is there something less drastic that I should try?
    (2) How do I do this. It appears that a hard reset versus a zero out is appropriate. I read the P1 website and am still uncertain.
    (3) Should I update the ROM after reset? I have had no problems until this one, so I never went with the new ROM and it seems as if people have had mixed results.
    (4) I see lots of people having trouble with versamail. I use Snapper but I used to use versamail. Could this be the problem? I don't see an app titled versamail but I have one titled mail that I think is a system app.
    (5) How do I handle hotsyncing? In the past it seems as if the system would try to create a new user for me if I install new sync software (I use KeySuite). I want to keep all of my outlook 2003 data and possibly keep my hotsync ID because I think some software is tied to it.
    (6) Any other advice. I need to fix tommorrow at the latest.


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    Not much of an answer for most of your post, but you can use the same HotSync user ID after a hard-reset. Find that directory for that user (C:\program files\palmone\[USER]) and rename the backup folder before you go and do a restore. This will keep the extra apps from being installed off the bat. May want to set up your KeySuite software to Desktop overwrites Handheld just to be safe for that restore sync.

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