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    Don't try to be intellectual, just buy it!
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    I did buy it, I just have to wait for it to come in the mail. I was just worried cause I had the Cingular Treo and as much as I liked the design, the voice quality wasn't as good. I guess I just wanted to make sure that wasn't gonna be the same issue. It doesn't seem that way.
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    pheath, I see you went from Treo to LX9800. Does the LG support "office" type apps like calendar & contacts
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    Some where on here is a great comparison of the 9800 and the 650, it all comes down to what you really want though. I like the 9800 but there are little things I can't do like install certain Palm games, and ebook readers, a real HTML web browser. Those are my important features. If you are looking just for a phone that does awesome text and has a great mp3 player, then the 9800 is awesome. There of course are a lot more features, those are just the ones that my buddy talks about with his all the time. I know you have a contacts option like a phone book in a regular phone, but I think it just has a basic calender it isn't going to be as full featured as what you can get on a Treo.
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    I highly recommend vzw if you can get service. On Long Island there are notorious dead spots (106/107, north shore glen head) and I moved into one of them. VZW did not work well (reception). I called vzw and they did some trouble shooting and opened a trouble ticket. They asked me to try another phone (which required a 2 yr contract). I did and it did not work. They then said that I should try a tri-band phone to see if it makes a difference. I was not happy and called back and this new customer service rep actually agreed to cancel my contract with no penalty (with permission from her supervisor). I switched to cingular and the reception is amazing here and actually I have not dropped a call yet (only had it for a week now). This is in no way a bash on verizon. For 2 years in my old location their reception was flawless and I would like to note the following

    1. never waited more then 5-8 minutes to speak to someone on the customer service/tech support hotline.
    2. When my 600 was not working they swapped it out and eventually (after 3 times) gave me a free upgrade to a 650.
    3. I was able to get a new every two well in advance of the 22 month waiting period (not sure why???)
    4. People complain about their service costs but I think it is money well spent when the service coverage is there.

    Hope this helps anyone on the fence.
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