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    WooooHoooo just found out Sprint EVDOOOOO has been rolled out in the great northwest. I guess this means nothing to the treo 650 users, but I just converted to PPC 6700 and it does make a diff to me Just did an online connection test and the result was 300 kbps. not too shabby.
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    I'm thinking about switching to a 6700 this winter as well. Glad to hear EVDO is alive and kicking here in Seattle.

    Just waiting for Mark/Space to update Missing Sync and a few key apps to be certified on WM5 and I'm switching.
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    Yeah...that's cool. I got a sprint wireless card and was surprised at how many areas across the US has EVDO. Originally, I thought it was only airports and business centers.
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    How's the evdo card for your laptop? Have you tried a connection test? it doesn't go through a proxy server does it? i'm thinking of getting one.
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    It's great...I live up here in anacortes and although it's not EVDO, it's close if not as fast as dsl speeds in 90 percent of the areas. No, it doesn't go through a proxy server and Sprint actually called it a "vision plan" which makes me think it's the same thing their phones go through (I'm somewhat tech illiterate here). I do use aol broadband now and then through this, but will be dropping it soon unless they offer a few free months when I try to cancel. If you can, take advantage of the 59.99 unlimited data rate and free 250.00 modem card (150.00 instant rebate and 99.99 service credit) until Nov 12th if you sign up for two years. If you cancel before that, there's a penalty of maybe 150 or 250? Can't remember but if you keep it for a while it pays for itself and you could always sell the card later. You do need a separate voice plan with them to get that price, otherwise it's 79.99/mo. There are two cards, sierra wireless & Merlin...I went with sierra because it's a fairly new release and has some advantages that has slipped my mind. I'm wondering why Sprint even has their WIFI at 50.00 in pretty limited areas while this great deal is going on.
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    From the Oct 31 press release...

    By mid November, the Sprint Power Vision Network is expected to be available to an estimated 130 million people nationwide, and is expected to reach over 150 million people by early 2006.
    The remaining 20 million coverage is already rolling out and active in most places but not officially in production. Many small towns not in the Nov rollout are already technically turned on.

    Basically, Sprint EVDO is already in the top 60 metro areas and more.
    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    It's so amazing on my ppc6700, I get to enjoy everone's avatars while perusing the forums. No more mobile forums for me. Once again I'm looking forward to gfunkmagic's posts
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    Update on NW WA evdo. I just returned from Cali after two weeks and noticed EVDO is in Anacortes, so they're expanding into more remote areas. I mean, this is an island. Pretty cool.

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