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    I was at a wireless mobile conference earlier this week. A Sprint rep claimed that roaming (between Sprint/Verizon) is coming for 1xRTT data possibly by the end of the year. EVDO roaming will take longer, possibly another year.

    BTW, consensus at the conference... PalmOS is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    BTW, consensus at the conference... PalmOS is dead.
    Consensus among whom?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Consensus among whom?
    There were handset manufacturers, carriers and analysts at the wireless conference. Most were not too happy that Windows Mobile will dominate the high end handset but of all uncertainties going on in wireless, WM5 appears to be the future, particularly for enterprise. Linux might catch on to some degree in consumer market.

    One insider analyst close to the industry was specific and stated that if Palm is simply trying out WM5 and then goes back to PalmOS if WM5 doesn't work out, it will be too late. I pryed to find out if a new PalmOS-based Treo might be coming along with Treo 700w and no one expected it.

    In the end, the carriers decide what happens. The carriers have high support costs as it is, especially for high end phones. They will likely support WM5 in the end.

    I suppose this should be a different thread.
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    Cool about the data roaming. I wonder now if the CDMA providers will ever adopt UIM?
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