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    After trying to get help from both VZ and BMW and just being told not supported, I turned to the world of Custom Treo ROM hacking.. Not for the faint at heart but not bad if you are software / technically inclined. I've included a link to how I did it and the site I used to get most my information and the required tools.
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    What year & model BMW do you have? I don't know of anyone on th Beemer boards who's been able to get a Treo to BT, but then there aren't many Treo techo-savvies there either.
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    I have a 2005 X5.. BMW has used a number of different BT modules, I believe mine is made by Motorola. Others on X5world reported that the Cingular and Sprint 650s worked so I knew it was something that VZ was disabling. I posted a link to my instructions in the X5 world BT group but not on any of the other BMW sites.

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