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    Hi - how do I disable wireless sync on the pc?

    It is crashing always on the first attempt and I'd
    rather just have the old hotsync instead of this.

    Note: I'd like to do this without removing the wireless
    sync app from the pc.
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    Hi -- I have just removed Wireless Sync from my PC and set the Wireless
    Sync Push/Ready options to no and the battery requirement to 101%.

    This has resulted in my HotSync not starting Wireless Sync on the PC (and
    crashing) and also my Snappermail is now the sole client which initiates
    a connection and ONLY to my POP and SMTP servers.

    Additionally, my data is not replicated in a 4th place. It is ONLY on my
    POP/SMTP server, my Treo, and my PC!!!!!!

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