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    I am switching from my corporate sprint account to a personal account. I now have to pay for my own service - oh well - i have been spoiled for so long...

    Considering I want to use data with my treo, use a lot of minutes since I have only a mobile number... what deal are other people getting?

    Here is what I have been told about so far:

    Sprint Fair & FlexibleSM Plans
    Sprint automatically adds anytime minutes as you need

    Share adjustable anytime minutes on two lines.
    Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile Calling included.
    May exclude calls to or from Nextel subscribers in
    certain markets.
    Add up to 3 more lines for $10 per month per line.
    Cost /
    Night & Weekend Minutes (starting at 9 p.m.) are
    $69.99 0 - 800
    801-1200, $5 for each 100 minutes,
    1201-2000, $5 for every 200 minutes,
    Above 2000, Additional Anytime Minutes only $0.05 each

    Vision services including Business connection personal
    addition for
    email $25.00 per month


    Is there anyway out there to get something better than this?


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    If you work in the real estate business, check out this Sprint deal: Lots of people here have purchased their Treos from these guys.
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    If most of your calls are incoming, you may want to consider their free incoming call plans.
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    You may not need business connections if able to connect to work via Pop3 or a third party email program such as GoodLink, OneBridge or NotifyLink. Does your workplace currently use BC?
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    This is really up to you. Everyone's plan needs are different. Plus, Sprint doesn't have may plan options anyway.
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    I have the best Sprint package. UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!!! Im on my parents plan
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    actually- i switched from a business account to my own... what you need to do is this... i know because i managed the company account before i was laid off.

    first off- do everything you possibly can to keep it as a business account- personally liable. that means that you get to talk to business support reps and get the good customer service and have the ability to order phones early- but you're paying the bill yourself. trust me it'll save you headaches. you actually have the ability to get a sales manager assigned to you for one on one questions...
    the other thing is- unfortunately you cannot change your plan unless you sign a new contract... so if that's what you want to do- go right ahead. but you should call them and ask what your current plan is- and if it's do-able. for me, i'm paying a little more than i want, but i get unlimited sms and a whole bunch of other stuff for free because i was grandfathered.
    also- when you call- make sure that you have everything still on your account. when i switched they accidentally dropped my insurance plan... when i checked my account status online it didn't show up- so i called and explained the situation- they said they'd investigate it and within a day they put it back on my plan no problems.
    look online at the business plans and see what is offered there- it's slightly different than personal plans- i remember it used to be that pcs-pcs calling was free with business plans and not with personal...
    as always if you don't like what you are told- tell the person thank you very much- and call back to see if you get someone who's more receptive.

    me- i have 500 minutes - ~50?
    unlimited pcs<->pcs
    N/W unlimited at 7pm -$5
    PCS pro pack with business connection for $15
    F/C america (nearly unlimited roaming) -$5
    warranty/insurance -$5
    after taxes, i pay about ~95
    this is a plan from circa dec. 2003

    also- check to see if they're still running the 1500+ minutes nets you a free pcs vision pack. if you're going to be on the phone that much anyway you might as well get something extra
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    Thanks for the insight Kenundrum.
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    I have a standard retention plan that I have had since last january. I know some people who have this plan pay only $40 for the 1000 minutes and its NOT the area-plus option its the same nationwide one. But they would have to pay $20 per add a phone. I had another phone on my account which i dropped, my $50 plan includes an add a phone for free but I dont have the other phone anymore anyway and Sprint wont change it to the $40 option. At any rate I am still getting a great deal so I dont complain..

    1000 anytime Free & Clear minutes including long distance - $50
    Free PCS2PCS - FREE
    Unlimited nights and weekends at 7 PM - FREE
    Unlimited Vision w/100 texts included & picturemail- $10
    First incoming minute free - FREE

    And I have a 24% business discount off my total plan price. After taxes my bill is around $55 a month.

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