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    I lost the verizon Logo on top of the left screen after the ROM upgrade, I did reset the phone but the logo will not come back. Otherwise the upgrade went fine, I reloaded all my stuff from backupman. Oh well, I hope it's just esthetics.
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    I observed the same thing. The place I lost it was the Phone screen -- upper left
    is now just blank. Normally says Phone Off if off and still does but when the phone
    is turned on, blank in upper left after saying "Network Search" and then blanking

    Seems like a pretty obvious thing to miss.
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    Did you do a *228 after the upgrade?
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    Mine disappears and reappears on a regular basis with my 1.03 version. *228 usually makes it appear again but it goes away and returns on it's own also. Doubt it's anything to worry about.
    Treo 650 Verizon 1.04
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    As Pablo said, don't forget to do the *228 and press 1 when asked. Then do it again and press 2 when asked. You have to do this to make sure your billing is correct and your roaming is per your plan. I had someone who never did the 2 option after getting his phone and he did not have the free roaming that was included in his plan because the phone wasn't programmed correctly. He did easily get credit, but still a hassle. You should do that at least once a month if you travel often.
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    Are you sure you need to use the 1 option. I didn't think you were supposed to do that one ?
    Treo 650 Verizon 1.04
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgps
    Are you sure you need to use the 1 option. I didn't think you were supposed to do that one ?
    Yes, that's the one you are suppossed to use after updating your phone. Once you update you want to 'program' your phone to Verizon.

    From install instructions: "14. Dial *228 and select option 1 at the voice prompt to load the latest over the air network settings to your smartphone."
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    Just noticed *228 -> 1 is in the instructions for the install anyway....Doh....Sorry I doubted you.
    Treo 650 Verizon 1.04
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    Not to worry I have had a 650 from VZW since day one and never had the "Verizon Wireless" logo in he phone screen.
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    with 1.03 constant resets and the logo disappearing...more a cosmetic thing, with 1.04 phone seems to be more stable and logo is back

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