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    I just switched from a Cingular 650 to a Verizon 650. Although I really like Verizon's service better, I don't like the SMS feature. With the Cingular 650, the SMS messages were grouped into "Chat Threads". This was extemely convenient since it kept things organized according to who had sent the message. It also listed your responses in the thread.

    Verizon's 650 lists every single incoming message seperately. It also doesn't even seem to keep a copy of my sent messages. I checked the preferences, and the option that exists in the Cingular version isn't in the Verizon version. Any other ideas on how to duplicate the functionality of the Cingular version?
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    my VZW groups into chats...poke around in the sms settings
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    Mine also groups them into chats by originator / original target of the SMS
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    Ditto...same person SMS comes back as chat grouping...
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    Same here - my Verizon device does the threading function. They all do. I had a Sprint device before - no difference.
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    I'm officially an *****. :-) I forgot that until u reply to a test message from a person, it lists all test messages from that person individually. Only after u reply does it then group them.

    It was late the night I posted, after a long days work. Brain wasn't working right. At 4 in the morning I jolted awake remembering how it worked.
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    One thing:
    Holding a brand new Cingular in my left, and a New Verizon in my right hand.

    Messaging> Menu> Options> About

    PalmOne MMS v. 1.0
    Powered By Electric Pocket, ltd

    PalmOne Messaging v. 2.0, no mention of Electric Pocket

    They are very different programs, verizon has no progress indicator on upper right menubar, etc.

    Can v2 (or newer?) be installed on the Verizon?

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