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    Not sure how it happened but Sprint charged me for Wireless Web access despite the fact that I was signed up for their PCS Vision plan at the time (I've since cancelled Vision due to poor data transfer speeds over the last month, and Sprint has credited my account but without being able to tell me how the charges occurred).

    That lead me to these questions to which that I couldn't locate answers after web searching:

    If I setup my dialup ISP using VirtualModem on my Treo650, can Sprint charge me for data or is it just another phone call that only uses up my anytime minutes?

    When I am connected to my ISP, do I have to worry about cracker attacks like I would if I were on a PC without a firewall?

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    Time to reply to myself to hopefully prevent Sprint from overcharging someone else.

    Sprint will charge you 39 cents per minute to use the virtualmodem even if you're using your own ISP.

    As far as I know, there is no way to access the internet without passing cash to Sprint.
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    Using vision is going to be the cheapest and fastest internet access method. Why use your own ISP?
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    Vision was great for a few months but then the speed dropped to around 14kbps (from an original 100), it made web browsing painful and streaming audio at the lowest bitrates impossible. I cancelled my Vision plan. But I still wanted to use the web for occasional phone lookups, etc.
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    That's not normal behavior for 1XRTT. Sounds like they may have changed a tower config or something because those speeds are 1G speeds...

    When these problems started happening did you ensure that you had the latest PRL, try a hard reset on the device or reprovision your Vision account?
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    Yes, I contacted tier 2 support, reprovisioned using their squid suggestions, hard reset, had the Sprint Store check out the treo for hardware trouble, but no improvement for 2 months (after 3 months of great speeds) so I dropped Vision.

    Phone-wise I always had 1 or 2 bars during the entire 5 month period.

    Before I dropped, I posted to this treocentral forum thinking it might have been a regional problem but there were no replies and Sprint didn't have any ideas either.

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