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    As I amterribly unsatisfied with Sprint, i.e. bad reception, lots of missed calls, not being able to sent international text messages, I decided to give the phone back.

    I had read several times here that during the first month of new service new phone you can just give it back and pay only service for one month and no cancellation fee.

    I bought this one two weeks ago, what do I have to do to give it back, I bought it at Radioshack.
    Because I went to the Sprint store and they told me that its not possible to give it back.

    I tried calling the Service center but I never came through which made me even more furious!
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    Usually they only give you 14 or 15 days to return it. You would only have to pay for the airtime minutes you used.
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    So, take it back to Radio Shack if you purchased it there.
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    Missed calls will happen if there is active data during the call. This is a PDA phone thing, not a Sprint thing.

    I text message to friends in Australia and Canada all the time with no issues. But I'd expect there is an error rate with messaging.
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