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    excuse me for being cynical but I notice dda has started a thread 3 days ago here talking about a memory issue, wonder if this is his real problem and not a hardware issue... then there is the time he started a thread asking how to reinstall the pictures application he had deleted. I am thinking that is a ROM based program so I am wondering if he has screwed up his Treo playing with one of the custom ROM's. last point is I have never been treated like he describes at Sprint or anywhere else and I have never seen anyone treated like that who was respectful of the business they were at...this all just sounds a little odd to me based upon what I am seeing in the forums...
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    I wish it weren't true.My past experiences make it jus that tho....a wish.I would like to think I'm respectful of there business.I jus can't stand someone telling me something to get me out of there face rather than actually working towards fixing the problem. Everything else out the window.My main concern is to just have a WORKING Treo in my possession.And like it or not,I need there help when/if it ever malfunctions. What ever happened to going the extra mile to make sure your customers are happy?

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    hustle, I am going out on a limb and say it is because dishonest customers bring back phones that have been "hacked" or mistreated and they get directives to be careful about what they accept back...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    hustle, I am going out on a limb and say it is because dishonest customers bring back phones that have been "hacked" or mistreated and they get directives to be careful about what they accept back...
    You're prob right.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by netfreedom
    I have been there with Sprint. The best thing to do is pick the "nicest" Sprint store in the "nicest" neighborhood. That is, an area where rich people live.....
    We started finding this with our last car. Our local dealer was a pain, and never believed us when we'd request something to be checked out. Went to another one a little ways away, still same deal. Never could get a loaner.

    Then took it to the dealerships along the coast, where sadly enough, most of the $$ in this state is. Completely different experience. Loaner instantly, great service, no one gave us a hard time.

    It's not right but it's true most of the time.

    There is just a major lack of respect with businesses these days.

    When I went to buy my Treo650 back in April. I called the last of 5 stores, who had two left. I asked them if I could come in at 12:00 to pick up the phone. They said, sure no problem we'll be there.

    So I arrived at 12:05, and the lights are on but the store is locked up. There was a little sign saying they'd be back at 12:20. So I waited patiently ( i get 45 minutes for lunch ), 12:30 passes, 12:45 passes, it's now 1:00 and two guys pull up. Apologies all over for not being there.

    So we go in, there is no one else there. They then have to call Cingular, and don't think they can give to me the price I want. Then they fidget with the phone, then debate back and forth who's going to get the commission.

    For some reason they have no better way to get through to Cingular than me, so we were on hold with Cingular for another 25 minutes.

    It was about 2:10 that I finally left with a phone.

    And this was a better experience than the store in the town I live in. The girl who worked at that store repeatedly tried to sell me on other phones because they had them in stock.

    Sorry to rant on.
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    Kidding on the title line. Well, actually you have a good point, but not in my particular case. If I were running a company, I can also see how I'd want to make sure that my employees weren't simply giving out new phones to every person that came in saying they had a problem. Clearly, there's got to be some evaluation to determine whether there's a real problem, or like you suggested, a dishonest customer could come in and get a new phone every few months. Which wouldn't be good. So I think you're right that that is a problem, and affects those of us who are honest and really do have a problem.

    My earlier post you referenced ( was definitely part of the same problem, which makes sense if you read both posts, which have to do with memory. The error I've been getting on my phone includes the phrase "MemoryMgr.c 2679 chunk overlocked". It seems pretty clear to me that it is in some way I don't understand related to a memory problem.

    That said, I agreed with tech support (as I wrote in my longer post) that it could be a software problem and took it back to a hard reset, erasing everything. I even did the ##786 which completely decommissions the phone. You're right that those of us who install software on the phone or delete it -- which is most of us here -- can screw things up, but that's a software problem, and shouldn't impact the phone if you do a hard reset. The tech guys over the phone were unanimous in agreeing that if those things didn't help, my continuous resetting was a hardware problem, not a problem with any software I'd put on there.

    As far as being treated or not treated that way at a store, well, actually, it's an accurate description of what happened. And I have a witnesses if it ever came down to that (she was there for part of the time, not all of it).

    Bottom line -- I'm too busy, and like my Treo 650 too much as it is, to spend time trying to get a new one simply for the sake of getting a new one. You're definitely correct that there needs to be some degree of oversight to make sure that the store isn't getting a raw deal, but I think it was pretty clear cut in my case that there was a problem Sprint needed to fix. Just to set the record clear.
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