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    will I get charged for using Verizon Wireless "Wireless Sync" email program? I'm new to the Treo 600....I've got blue activity arrow things next to the signal strength on my screen...I only pay the $5/month to access the internet, I don't have any Data Plan......any ideas?
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    I don't think your $5 a month plan is going to cut it. The Treo is treated differently in terms of data. VZW will bill you based on the amount of data you are pulling down. I do not have the data plan, but from what I've heard, people have trouble with the Treo constantly polling/pinging the data connection. Unless they have the unlimited data plan, their first bill is anywhere from $400 to $1400 dollars - sorry I wish it was a joke.

    You can see how much data you are using, though. Go to the phone app and pull up the call log. From there click on totals. That should tell you how much data you have used since the counters were last reset.

    Bottom line, though, if you plan to use data, I would suggest that you upgrade to another data plan.

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    The $5 for internet is for Verizon's regular web-enabled phones, not smart phones like the Treo. The wireless sync is primarily for keeping in sync with Outlook and/or email services. You can remove that feature and still be able to access web pages, etc. But, any data loaded is charged at $15 per megabyte.
    I switched from a Kyocera a couple months ago where I had Minutes Only Usage. I thought I could get by with just limited data use and paying the $15 per meg. You REALLY have to watch your useage if you do that, though, and ensure that you disconnect in Blazer (it doesn't do that automatically). This past month I switch to the unlimited data plan ($45). It's kind of expensive, and I was just going to try it for a month, but I don't think I could go back now -- I REALLY like it. I've already used over 40 megs in the last 25 days. So, 40 X $15 = $600 if I didn't have unlimited. Yep, it can really add up!
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    thanks for the info! if I'm just searching the web, is that considered "downloading data"? as of right now I don't need wireless sync, but I would like to have web access....
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    Yes, searching the web is transmitting data. Especially with the web useage it's hard to know exactly how much you've used. You can get your data usage by dialing #DATA, but it's usage as of a few days ago -- not current.

    It just updated mine to the 24th and showed a lot more usage -- now up to 56 megs. That's exactly how folks are getting caught with the huge data bills if you don't have a data plan. I read a few posts here that the first month you see a huge bill, you can typically get the data written off by calling Verizon, but they'll of course want you to purchase the unlimited plan.

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