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    I have an unlimited data vision plan with sprint, and I'm getting charged $300/month for data usage, despite this. I'm not using it as a modem.

    I am however, using Good Technology for my work email, which essentially allows it to pull down email that's on an Exchange server. I'm receiving about 26MB/data month to incur these fees.

    Bummer if an unlimited data plan truly isn't that, but also a bummer if you can't use a Treo for really what it's good for.

    Has anyone encountered this problem, and found a way to work around it with Sprint billing? ANy specific new type of plan?

    Also, has anyone encountered this issue specifically when sync/ing or using Exchnage for mail (since it's almost always a live connection) or specifically with Good Technology?


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    Call Sprint and get it straightened it out. Your usage is light compared to potential non tethering applications i.e. Pocket-Tunes streaming etc.. If you are not tethering then unlimited really is unlimited with no questions asked.
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    I use two email programs with 3 email accounts and also use P-tunes streaming. I also do bluetooth DUN to laptop. Never been charged for extra Vision usage.

    Where I work, we support over 100 users on NotifyLink (to Groupwise) and many people get over 100 emails a day. No reports of data overages.
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    I use approx. 250Mb a month. I've never been charged extra. There is a problem with the way your account is set up. you should NOT be gettine any extra charges unless you are tethering.

    Call Sprint and don't be afraid to escalate all the way to Executive services if necessary.
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