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    Setup: Treo 650 with the 1.12 ROM. Dell X1 laptop with Bluetooth 350 (update May 2005). I have SprintPCS Vision unlimited data plan. A trusted connection is set up between the laptop and the Treo. I've used the Bluetooth settings wizard to set up a dial-up connection via the Treo. The number to dial is #777.

    Whenever I try to connect, the Treo screen comes on, the laptop dialup connection says "dialing..." but then connection doesn't go through. The laptop reports an error "Could not detect modem. It may be in use, turned off, or not installed properly."

    I've tried leaving the user name/password blank (as per the Treo user guide) as well as using my SprintPCS Vision user id/password, but the laptop still cannot connect. I've looked over the modem settings, and it's a standard modem profile, on the COM port set up for bluetooth, and I've tried the various hardware settings to no avail.

    Any ideas?
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    Have you tried PdaNet?
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    Thanks, but I'd like to try to get DUN working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorendor
    Thanks, but I'd like to try to get DUN working.
    I used to use DUN on my Sprint 650, but it was very, very slow. I switched to PDANET, and the difference is night and day.
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    Thorendor, I'm getting the EXACT same problem between my X1 and Treo650. If I turn DUN off, I get a BT initiation on the 650. If I turn BT on, I get the "Could not detect modem" error. Very annoying. I've got the latest BT stack (released 11/14/05). It's allowed me flawless use of my BT mouse and headphones (A2DP) without issue. I finally got the hotsync working on it, so all that's left is DUN.
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    Well, this thread motivated me to try this with my new HP Pavilion zd800 laptop and Treo 650/Sprint.

    I paired the laptop with my Treo 650, and told it to dial BT using #777 (no userid or password). Ba-da-bing, I'm replying to you via BT DUN and my Treo 650.

    I unplugged my wireless router to be sure I REALLY wasn't using it, and I'm still here. The BT device indicator in my systray shows bytes transferred etc.

    Actually, I am thrilled to death with the speed. It's FAR better than I expected.

    Anyway, it IS possible. Here I am.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it working. I can't seem to finger it out. It's not all that big a deal to me as the few times that I have had it working in the past it seemd to be running at speeds approaching 28K. I'll keep at it though.
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    Similar to The Mooch, I've gotten a bit closer -- so painfully and tantalizingly close -- but finally hit a dead end. I am able to hotsync via Bluetooth, but just can't get DUN working. Here are some details:

    1) A key thing I discovered is to swtich to a SprintPCS plan that allows DUN. Even though I had unlimited data with my old plan, I had to switch to a different plan (for $10 more a month) that allows DUN.

    2) The Toshiba Bluetooth stack apparently does not play well with the Treo. Only once when using the Connection Wizard I was able to get the point where it could "see" the phone's modem capabilities. I subsequently lost it; in an attempt to troubleshoot, I removed the "connection", and I've never been able to restore it. Whenever I use the Toshiba Bluetooth Wizard to recreate the modem connection, the Wizard refuses, insisting that the Treo doesn't have the capability.

    3) I've tried uninstalling the Toshiba Bluetooth stack and installing the Microsoft Bluetooth stack, but the Microsoft installation fails and Bluetooth stops working altogether. After much wrangling -- including moving .inf files around -- I was able to reinstall the Toshiba stack.

    4) I've used a friend's laptop that had the default Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) Bluetooth stack, and the hallelujah! DUN worked!

    So I fault the Toshiba software on my laptop. Anyone else have any luck? I'm tempted to try again to switch to the Microsoft stack...
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    try to disable hotsynk before starting dun
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    Here's an interesting thing, since I was bragging about how easy a time I was having:

    I notice that every time I use BT DUN with my HP laptop and Sprint Treo 650, I have to RE-Pair them before I can use DUN again. It's a bit of a pain, but after enduring the RE-Pairing, it seems to work fine.


    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I tried disabling HotSync (Closing the Hotsync Manager), but that didn't have any better effect. I still get the "Could not detect modem" error. I don't have any issue with having to re-pair though. I'm beginning to think that there are more commands needed than just #777. It's likely that modem string commands may be needed, but I have no idea what they'd be.
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    What version of the Toshiba Stack are you using? I've got the latest "Network: Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Module, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Multi Language, Multi System, v.v4.00.11(D), A13" released on 11/14/05 according to the site "Toshiba Bluetooth Stack v4.00.11(D) and firmware upgrade v24.22 for Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module."
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    A couple other conversations in progress on this topic.

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    Also, here's a thread I had going on the Dell Forum.
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    I am still working through making a consistent connection but I have been able to connect a number of times after following the tips on this web page. Hope it helps!
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    Kintoro, Looking at that site, confirms what I've been thinking. It looks like the Toshiba BT stack has issues with using DUN. Although it connects to everything else. I've managed to connect to DUN using the MS BT Stack, albeit at a slow speed, but not with the updated Toshiba stack.
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