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    I'd like to use my treo 650 to surf the web on my t3 via bluetooth( The t3 browser is much better for my websites). I have updated the treo for dialup networking (1.12).

    Is this possible?
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    I don't believe Palm has produced a Treo 650 PhoneLink driver that your T3 can use. You might try Phonelink's standard GSM driver - perhaps that will work.

    Oops...I just saw that you posted this in the CDMA forum...of course the standard GSM driver would do you no good in that case.
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    You can do this with Wireless Modem:

    Do a search on the forums. I recall some users were able to use the Treo as modem via IR to connect their pdas like clies etc. I'm not sure if this will work via BT though...
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