So I went into the local Sprint Store today in Schaumburg, IL (Barrington Road) to get my 3rd replacement Treo 600 replaced yet AGAIN because of a dead pixel problem that has grown from 10-15 pixels yesterday to a big web of 100+ orange pixels today.

I went at my lunch break today and once I got to the store I was told immediately to go home and come back tomorrow since the tech was not in the store today, and that my problem would have to wait til then. He acted like I was wasting his time by coming into the store, like he would have rather been somewhere else instead of helping me. I was being really nice too, I never got mean with anyone at the store. Then I asked to speak to the manager to see if I could get it swapped today because a tech isn't needed to simply swap service on a Treo phone. And the problem is pretty plain as day, and common from what I've seen/heard around here. He kept going to the manager and coming back, telling me what the manager said. I said I wanted to talk to him directly, and was told I'd have to wait "20-30 minutes" to speak to a manager.

The manager refused to replace it for me, saying it was a known bug and they don't service "buggy phones", especially phones they no longer carry (yet had in the display case?). He even backed it up by saying that he has never seen a buggy phone replaced in the four years he's been with the company. He instead told me to take it up with the manufacturer, to get it replaced. Yet I had a phone replaced at that store twice, but he claimed those were not "known bugs" yet defects.

He also said that I could try to use my Lockline insurance and claim for a replacement, even though my phone was replaced less than 60 days ago due to a Network Search bug on my second replacement unit so my warranty is definitely still good according to their system.

When I asked why they didn't sell Treo 600s anymore and had the phone in the display case. He said those were "previously used refurbished models" that they had in stock, yet didn't say that on the label. But were different from what they normally serviced phones with, so they again couldn't help me with a replacement using any of those.

Anyone have any other Chicagoland area Sprint Stores that I should try where you've had better luck at getting good service from? Because I'm at my wits end with Sprint after dealing with this store today. If I can't get this resolved I'm looking to have my contract with Sprint terminated early (it ends in November) and move to another company who is willing to help out a customer who dropped $400 for the best phone they sold and who gave them over $65 a month for the past two years.