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    My company is switching to Verizon. Now that Verizon has Treo 650's can I just activate my phone on the verizon network or do I need to go through the whole serial cable, bitpim thing. I want to keep my phone since my company won't support buying a 650. Help please.
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    There are multiple threads on converting a Sprint 650 to a Verizon 650. Try searching.

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    Thanks for the not so subtle hint and I had before I posted, but most of the posts are before Verizon carried a 650. Also there are some posts that say that you cannot convert a Sprint 650 any longer due to changes with Verizon. So again what I am asking is...should I do this, can I do this, do I need to convert it now that there are 650s for sale with Verizon or is it time to ebay my 650.
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    Looks like Verizon is locking out all foreign ESNs. The conversion will still work, but you won't be able to activate it on the Verizon network. It seems like a change was made around the beginning of August...

    There are several threads about this, here's one:

    If I'm wrong someone please let me know...
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    Thanks for the link. It looks like I will have to ebay a perfectly good 650 now. It always sucks to have to pay money for the EXACT same product regardless of the reason. Maybe I will go back to two devices. It always frustrated me to try and look something up while on the phone which is something so much easier with two devices. On the other hand I have to carry two devices...

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