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    I know it has been stated a few times in the forum, but I wanted to add my review. The Earthlink (Officemax) Treo 650 is not ready for prime time.

    I have been using the Treo 650 on Earthlink (purchased at OfficeMax) for a few months now. I really love my Treo 650!!! Coverage is great! Getting email and web access on the Treo 650 is great. But, there are two major problems why the Earthlink /OfficeMax Treo 650 blows beans…. I mean isn’t ready for prime time:

    1. No international calls can be placed on the Earthlink Treo 650
    2. You can’t get a detailed call record of calls placed/received
    The Earthlink Treo 650 can’t place international calls! This isn’t mentioned anywhere on their website!!! It took me 30 minutes on hold with 2 customer service reps for them to escalate to find this out. That sucks. How many cellular providers have no mechanism at all for placing international calls???? None (except for Earthlink). Sure, I could use a calling card, but I haven’t ever had to do this before with any other carrier. (I can probably rule out USING the phone in Europe either, but that is a different story.) So, if you ever need to place an international call, this service isn’t for you.

    Next, The billing information is non-existent. There are no copies sent via US Post mail. The only thing I have received is an email with a line that says:

    07/16/05 Jul 16-Aug 15:Elnk Data Month
    07/16/05 Jul 16-Aug 15:Elnk Voice Mont and some taxes added on.

    No indication of the number of minutes used or the calls I have placed or received!!!!!!! What kind of lame billing statement is this?! I checked the FAQ on the website… ah! At least this time it has the information. “The monthly bill with a summary of charges from Earthlink will be emailed to your contact email address. Also each month you will receive a separate email with your Call Detail Record which will describe in detail each call or text message (SMS) made along with any applicable charges.” Too bad that information is also incorrect. I have no idea if I called too many people or too few (no indication of number of minutes used or left). I am also not able to submit my expense reports at work as there is no data to submit with. Basically I am screwed picking up the bill and using this thing AS A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!

    7 calls to Earthlink support have done nothing but confirm this information. No one will escalate this. They only say “That is the way our service is sir”

    The worst part that it took me a few months to find all of this out, and now it is TOO LATE to cancel the service and move to Sprint. They want to charge me an early termination fee of $175 and leave me with a doorstop of a TREO. I wish I could move to Sprint or Verizon (I assume I need an entire new Treo to do this as well)

    In the meantime, the Earthlink/ OfficeMax Treo 650 is not ready for primetime. Anyone who ever needs to place international calls, or ever wanted a detailed call report or wants to know how many minutes you have used should avoid this service like the plague. I should have known that the OfficeMax ‘good deal’ was too good to be true! If any of this is incorrect or changes in the future, please let me know.

    John in Sunnyvale
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    I'm sorry to hear that you too got bitten by the EarthStink bug.
    I tried to warn everyone I could that they simply do not have their act together.
    Totally clueless support and arrogant managers.
    I had 4 months of the same run-around to stop billing an account that was only active for 4 days. (Yup, it only took them 4 days to convince me they had no clue what they were doing. dropped network access, with No explaination Ever...)
    I wish you all the luck, and advise you to tell your story to as many people so others do not suffer the same fate...
    Sprint Mogul (HTC 6800)

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