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    I just want to take a moment to comment on sprints service.

    I just want to commend sprint on their outstanding dedication in helping me resolve my problems. I purchased a Treo 650 and have been in a constant heaven and hell loop in terms of quality and features. My phone worked beautifully out of the box then developed a stuck alt key which resulted in not being able to use the phone, took it to sprint, they gave me a brand new one fresh out of the box. That second treo fell victim to a power surge in my home and I took it in, told them about the surge and the lady went into the back, talked to the manager, and this time they ordered me a replacement which arrived in 3 days. This new treo had resets left and right but when it did stay on, it worked beautifully, eventually it too developed a stuck right shift key. Again I was back at sprint. Hating every minute of my time there not because of sprint itself but because of the problems my treo exhibited. Again filling out that paper requesting my replacement I just went ahead and asked the guy. You know what i'm not happy with my treo. I've been in here twice for the same problem. You think I can get another phone or what?

    And he said well what kind of phone are you interested in?
    I said the ppc6601 because it was the only other choice I could think of that wasn't a downgrade.. He then asked me, you had this phone since april?. I said no I swapped it about 1 month ago. then he asked, if I still had the box for the phone. I said yah. he said well bring in the box and cables and we'll exchange it for a ppc6601. I said how much is it gonna cost me?. He said a 6 pack of heiniken. lol unfortunately they didn't have any in stock so he went ahead and ordered it for me and it'll arrive on friday.

    I know that i'm probably gonna miss my treo as the screen quality was amazing!!..ABSOLUTELY amazing but I realized that resets when accepting phone calls, batteries running low because my phone would be vibrating all night long which stuck on the "Answer/Ignore" screen and stuck keys are somethings i'll happily let go.

    My hopes that despite the fact I may no longer have a treo will not prevent those of you who are faithful to the phone from hating me. I definately don't want to see myself as a traitor especially after all the knowledge this site has given me.
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    Ouch. If I had those kinds of problems and as many, I'd probably jump ship too. Happy with my Sprint Treo 600 so far...until the next temptation comes along....

    Good luck with the PPC. A friend of mine has the comparative unit on Verizon and loves it. Voice quality is suspect but loves it overall.
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    Yah I know i'm gonna miss my treo but i've been using pocket pc for quite sometime sp i've learned to put up with its flaws so to speak I will definately jump back to treo when their new model is released assuming they work out the kinks.
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    Wow, like I wish I knew who your store is. I've been through 5 (yes 5) T600's since I bought the original on Oct 10, 03. The reps at the local store know me by sight. But getting them to change it out (or credit me towards an upgrade) to a T650, no way.....

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    I wish I could say the same about Sprint's customer service. My recent experience was anything but easy:

    About a month ago, I tried my phone on a Saturday night, only to discover that it wasn't working. I immediately assumed that perhaps I'd missed a bill and my service was shut off; after calling Sprint, I discovered that not to be the case.

    Somehow, and the reason was never explained, my phone number was changed to a new number; I've been a Sprint PCS customer since 1997, so my number has been the same for 8 years. I didn't request a phone number change, and there are no others on my account; Sprint couldn't explain how or why this happened, and none of the customer reps I spoke to ever offered anything remotely sounding like an apology for the loss of service.

    I reprogrammed my phone for the new unwanted number, and was told that it would take somewhere between 8-16 hours before I could call back and get my number switched back to my old number.

    I called the next morning, 12 hours later. I was then told that it could take 48 hours before I could switch back. I called the next day; same story. I called the next day; same story. Finally, on WEDNESDAY, I was able to get someone on the phone and switch my number back to my original one.

    Then, on top of all of that, I was given wrong programming information, so my phone didn't work for a few hours because of a mistake in the programming.

    Did anyone at Sprint ever apologize, offer me a credit on my bill, anything at all? Nope. Nada. No explanation was ever given for the mistake, no apology. If I didn't already have this Treo, which is programmed for Sprint, I'd jump ship and go to a new provider.

    I was definitely NOT impressed with their customer service.

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    I had a great sprint CS experience not too long ago. Around the time the 1.12 firmware came out, I fried my 650, I sent it into a constant reset loop with the phone functions completely gone. I called sprint to see if they could help me and for three hours I got the run around from sprint and even palm one. I was told from palm and sprint that I would have to go through lockline for a replacement because the nearest sprint store that could help me was over 2 and a half hours away. The next day, I decided to give sprint one last chance before I bucked up and left and finally got through to someone that cared. The rep was wonderful and promised me a replacement phone and the install cd (original one did not come with sale). I was told I was going to get a refurb, but I was sent a brand new 650. Yaaay sprint! This situation still won't get me to renew though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by longterm

    I was then told that it could take 48 hours before I could switch back. I called the next day; same story. I called the next day; same story. Finally, on WEDNESDAY, I was able to get someone on the phone and switch my number back to my original one.

    I was definitely NOT impressed with their customer service.

    ...why did you call back the next day when you were told
    48 hours?
    Sounds to me as if you were being a tad impatient.
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