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    I was thinking of switching from Verizon to Sprint to take advantage of their great data pricing. However, I originally switched to Verizon a few years ago because the Sprint voice coverage in the NYC area was very spotty, especially inside buildings. Is this still a problem or have they gotten their act together?

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    Where in NYC? My brother is in Brooklyn Heights and his antenna broke on his last Sprint phone. He had no problems with coverage in Brooklyn/Manhattan/NJ/Philly. He did have problems with coverage in other cities so finally replaced his phone. Now no problems in other markets.

    This suggests that Sprint's NYC coverage is better than most markets.

    Tower maps..
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    I had sprint for like 7 years and just recently switched to verizon. Not much differnce at all in general where I use between philly and NYC. But there SEEMS to be a clear differnce inside big stuctures with verizon being somewhat superior. Personally I suspect that it's the fact that verizon in the northeast is using 800mhz versus sprints 1900mhz and apparently the lower frequency has better propagation through structures. It's also possible that verizon having their roots in Bell Atlantic NyNex Mobil of yesteryear has had more time to install equipment in large public buildings- I'm not sure.

    For example I can get service on in the 33rd Street Path/Subway station- even downstairs on the B/D platforms 3 stories below ground. With sprint I'd loose service at the base of the first staricase. I only hit the city 2-3 times a month though so I cant be more specific about general coverage- I do call my Sister-IN-Law on Sprint all the time in her office in midtown so I dont think sprint is vastly inferior.

    I'd get a sprint phone and try it for the 15 days and see if it works where you want to use it- you really cant beat their pricing. THe only reason my company switched to VZ was we grew to a point where the VZ pricing was better for us then sprint for the amount of voice lines we needed.
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    Thanks for the information. Can you overcome these trouble spots by subscribing to the Free and Clear America plans which permit free roaming on other networks (i.e. Verizon's)?
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    I am in LI and commute to NY via Penn Station on the LIRR. I used to have Verizon and switched to Sprint to get my first Treo 600 and now, after two years with Sprint and a Treo 650, I can say that their service is VERY good everywhere I go. I roam on the Verizon network in the tunnels but when on the LIRR platforms at Penn Station, it is back to Sprint. Free and Clear is more for money than coverage. You can roam on another CDMA carrier for no more than 50% of the minutes you use at no additional charge. BUT, you don't get data service while roaming. I have no problem in NYC office buildings or on the streets. Roaming is not that frequent at all but good to have just to know you are covered in an emergency. Go with Sprint. They are the first to get new devices and their data plan pricing can't be beat. They are MUCH better than a few years ago and, although Verizon is still the king of coverage, Sprint is not far behind (especially in NYC).
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    Free and Clear DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY ROAM. Roaming is a big fat lie between sprint and verizon- it disgusts me (sorry but it really pisses me off- more so then that damn bugs bunny!).

    Basically the towers and/OR PRL lists on the phone DONT permit roaming in many areas. As I said I just recently switched so I'm very familiar with the current coverage of both in the areas I frequent. In my daily travels there are about 3-4 dead spots I regularly hit on either sprint of verizon. ONLY one is a dead spot for both. So in theory I should roam on the other provider who doesnt have the dead spot. But I dont- neither with Sprint Or Verizon. These are in suburban areas not big name areas like the tunnels where they might keep the network to themselves for marketing.

    The Path/Subway Platforms as an example- my brother in Law with Sprint standing next to me didn't even get roaming.

    I had the free and clear america plan on an account with 5 lines for about 3 years. If there was 6 minutes of roaming a month IN TOTAL OUT OF 3-4000 MINUTES that was alot. So dont assume just becasue verizon has coverage that you will be allowed to roam with sprint. It is very rare that you can take advantage of roaming in the philly-NY corridor.

    I cant figure out if it's the tower owner not allowing the otehr carrier to roam to keep a competitive advantage for coverage, or if the roaming carrier sets their PRL to not allow it because they think their coverage at that location is "good enough" and they dont want to pay the tower owner to the roaming fee. I suspect it's a little of both.

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