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    Hey everyone. I have searched and posted questions in almost every palm forum i can think of. Then i came here and was like d'oh they know a lot about carriers so why don't i ask them

    Ok i recently bought this nifty bluetooth adapter for my motorola phone. The adapter is the DC600. It supports data, voice, etc . My problem is i cannot get it to connect to the data service. I know my Zodiac 2 connects to the device, but i cannot get it to dial into Verizon's QNC service. So i guess that i have to enable data on the phone. One tiny problem though, i am not the master account holder for the phone(parents are). Since i would like this process to be as painless as possible what info do i need before hand to make this work? Thanks in advance
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    You need to know the $$ involved in VZW data plans. Unless you plan to shell out $45 a month for unlimited data, I suggest you don't do this. Otherwise it is going to be very painful for you when the next bill comes in.

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    By returning it and buying a Treo...

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