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    Everyone keeps talking about how Sprint will increase their coverage area because of the Nextel deal. Does anyone know when that will happen? My coverage sucks and I'm thinking of switching to Verizon, but don't want to if Sprint will suddenly improve.

    If I remember right they completed the deal a week or two ago? So how long to we have to wait for any benefits?

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    I doubt anyone will see too many benefits anytime soon. Most places that have coverage from one also have it from the other. There might be better tower choices that will come into play once EVDO comes around, but I wouldn't expect any bigger coverage areas any time soon.
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    Sprint has been adding 3-5 cell sites per month per market. They have already begun adding cellsites to Nextel sites but they said it will take about 2-3 years to complete the 14K new sites.

    I once emailed Sprint about weak service where I hang out for breakfast and considered moving. I told them I'm not moving there because none of the major cell carriers had decent service. A month later, they added a new cell site. But we have a Sprint sales rep through our company. He took the request.

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    Check this article... last paragraph. It says 14,000 sites completed by 2008. That's an average of rolling out 350-500 cell sites per month. We'll likely see improvements sooner than later as there could possibly be up to 2000 new sites by then end of this year.
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