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    This will only work for those on a joint plan, where the main phone is NOT the one you want Vision on. My wife an I upgraded our phones a few months back - I got the Treo 650 and she got an LG phone. We had to take the free Vision trial.

    The other week I went into the Sprint store to cancel Vision as I couldn't justify the $20 a month ($15 for the main phone, and $5 for mine - as i was really the only one using it). The guy working there was very helpful. He said I didn't need to do that because there is a "loophole" in the system. He cancelled the main phones $15 a month charge - my wife's - and left the current $5 a month charge on mine.

    The way I had always read the Sprint information is that you HAVE to have the $15 a month on the plan to get the $5 for additional phones.

    And yes, I've got my bill and it's all fine just like explained above. Hope this is useful to other people - and if this is totally unoriginal and nothing major, please tell me
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