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    I've been using a Treo 600 on the Sprint network for quite some time now. Recently the phone started losing its signal everywhere, including at my desk in my house where my wife's phone (also Sprint) works fine. Now when someone calls me it does no good to answer the phone so I just let it go to voicemail and then call back on the home phone. That really is not the point of a cellphone.

    I called Sprint up the other day and had them switch my service back to my old phone which works great as a phone, but I'm very much missing the PDA and internet functionality. I need to buy myself a new Treo.

    Over the last couple of years Sprint has ticked me off to no end. Every time I call CS to make a change to my account something gets screwed up and I have to call them when I get my bill for the next two months and make them fix it. From talking to other people with other cellphone companies it seems they've all got their problems...I'm not sure that I'll help myself in that department by going elsewhere. My contract with Sprint is up in February of next year (in about 5 months). I don't really want to pay the early termination fee (on two lines) if I can avoid it.

    So...I have a bit of a debate going with myself. I don't want to buy a new Treo if I'll be switching providers in 5 months and have to buy another one. I know I can sell the Sprint phone at that point but knowing my luck the next model will be out and mine won't be worth squat. I don't want to count on that.

    I went down to my local cellphone shop today, and the girl there answered all of my questions with the answers she was obviously given in training - once we got past the basics she was clueless. So, I'm appealing to the collective wisdom of real-world experience here. I hope I can get some honest and realistic answers to my questions.

    I run a web design and hosting company, as such I need to be available practically 24/7. I use my Treo as a phone, #1. I also use it occasionally to check email while on the road. It's not effective for any serious emailing, I'd rather wait until I can get my laptop out, but it's fine for quick messages. It's come in very handy for finding phone numbers and maps while I'm out and about and some light web browsing. The biggest reason I have it is for those server problems that always come up at the wrong time - I've been able to SSH into my servers to fix problems without running to the nearest hotspot. I've tried hooking the Treo to my laptop to use the Sprint internet but I've never gotten it to work (though my old Sanyo 8100 works fine). I'd much rather wait until I get home to a fast connection to do any recreational browsing or serious work, the Treo is mostly for backup and emergencies. I use lots of other PDA features as well to track my hours and keep my addresses and calendar, but those will be the same from one provider to the next.

    I've read several threads on this board about the quality of customer service and the quality of voice coverage, and I've studied the coverage maps in the areas that I'll be traveling. I think I've got enough information on that. The questions that I still don't have answers to are...

    -If I decide to go with Verizon, which data plan do I need to go with? I see one for $25 that gets 10 MB and one for $50 that gets unlimited. There's also this VZEmail service that she seemed to think would work for me, and the VCast...this girl really had no clue. What data plan do you Verizon users have for your Treo? What do you pay for it? Is it generally available anywhere that you have a signal for voice calls? I'm accustomed to having access just about anywhere with Sprint. Until my phone started acting up I can't remember ever not having a signal.

    -I'd like to hear from some people who have used both Sprint and another provider (I'm not set on Verizon) about the data speed. Which was faster? Which was more reliable? The girl at the phone shop told me that Verizon had the fastest network for data plans, but she couldn't tell me if that included smartphone data. I've heard some people say that Verizon is the fastest if you want a card to plug in to your laptop but not necessarily for your phone.

    -I'm looking mostly at Sprint because I have their service already and Verizon because I've heard they have the fastest network. I rarely go places where there is not good phone reception for any of the major providers to that's not much of an issue. I can deal with bad CS if the product is good. I'm most concerned with data speed and reliability, price is a lesser (but still important) factor. Is there another provider that anyone can recommend based on those criteria?

    -Is the 650 that much better than the 600 to justify the price? What makes you say yes/no? My 600 did what I needed, but I can see how the 650 could be better.

    -This is probably not the best place to ask this question, but is the Treo the best device for my situation? I need:
    --A qwerty keyboard
    --Internet connectivity, including a web browser and SSH
    --Syncing capability with Linux
    --Email capability
    --A reliable piece of equipment

    I do NOT need:
    --Ability to open Office documents
    --Cool ringtones
    --A camera
    --Supercool games (klondike makes me happy)

    I won't turn something down just because it has these features, but I won't use them.

    Can anyone tell me of their experiences with other devices, and how the Treo compares? I know that compared to the available Palm products that are not also phones the Treo is not very powerful, but I've also seen that other smartphones have about the same hardware specs. I realize you have to make some tradeoffs to put all of this stuff into a small package. Is there something better out there?
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    I do basically the same thing - I run very high usage web sites & servers for clients. I also have to be available 24/7 to fix the servers should something happen and got the Treo 650 for just that use. I am using Verizon as well. I've used a Treo 650 on Sprint (a friends phone) as well and it's quite a bit faster on Verizon where the 1x data service is available (very usable). I do travel to areas (northern michigan for example) where 1x data service is not available and up there I will use my dial up ISP for emergency work - that works fine for ssh'ing into a server to get work done but isn't very usable for browsing (14.4k connection). This month I've used 139mb of data on my phone. For your usage I'd highly recommend getting the unlimited data for $50. If you get the unlimited data service you can get an additional $100 off your Treo 650 through Verizon. For me it's been great to not have to worry about having my laptop with me 24/7.
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    Please post carrier questions to one of the carrier forums.

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    Houston - EST. 1836
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    What programs do you use to connect to your servers? To you use a VPN client?
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    No, I normally use pSSH to connect to the servers. I realize that it's inherently insecure to send passwords across the air like that, but it's better than having the server down for hours while I try to find a hotspot or get back to my office.

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