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    Hi all,

    I'm having trouble getting a replacement phone from Sprint. I'm having problems with my touchscreen malfunctioning at random times. For instance, I'll click on the bottom of the screen somewhere, and the menu at the top will drop down. And it's just my luck that I've been to the Sprint store twice (where I've wasted over an hour of my life), and was unable to duplicate the problem for them. I tried opening up the apps that cause the problems, and even tried doing the same operations, but no luck. But of course, as soon as I come home, the problems start up again!!! The Sprint tech at the store did a diagnostic test on my phone, but didn't find anything wrong with it. The tech told me that they can only test to see if my phone can make/receive calls. I told him that was NOT the problem; I knew my phone could make/receive calls just fine. He said that's the only way he could replace my phone for me.

    It's not to the point where it's unbearable, and I guess I could just live with it, but since it's still under the 1-year mfg. warranty, I'd like to get it replaced if at all possible.

    I tried calling Sprint CS, and got transferred to the tech dept, only for them to tell me there's nothing they can do. They suggested that I call Palm directly, since it's a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty, so I tried calling Palm, but they just told me to call Sprint, since they handle all of the return issues. Sprint -> Palm -> Sprint..... Should I try calling Palm again? Smiley

    I do have 1 single dead pixel, but I don't think that would warrant an exchange in Sprint's eyes, would it? Any ideas/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Yeah it's tough to get problems solved if they can't be duplicated. As far as dead pixel's, in the laptop world, you generally have to have at least 3 dead pixels for a replacement, and that's after purchase. I'm not sure what Palm's policy is.

    One thing to try is hard resetting your phone (hold down red poweroff button and reset button by battery, let go of reset button, wait for Palm splash screen to complete, let go of red button). Do a sync BEFORE resetting the phone. Use it for several hours after reset but before resyncing back a restore. If you resync back and the problem starts up again, there is some application or settings file that could be causing the problem.
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    xenophonite, thanks for the reply, and the advice. I actually did a hard reset, and played around with it with no 3rd party apps installed. The touchscreen would still act up once in a while, so I figured it had to be either the touchscreen, or one of the Palm apps.

    But... I was able to speak with a knowledgeable and understanding Sprint CS Rep, who gladly helped me replace my Treo. He apologized for all the inconveniences I endured thus far, put in a request for a brand new Treo 650, and provided me with the Request ID. I called back yesterday to get the Order ID, and UPS Tracking #. He said that there would be a charge on my bill for a new Treo 650, but that would be temporary, until they receive my defective Treo, which I will be sending back to them. My brand new, warranty replacement Treo 650 is on it's way. Thanks again!

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