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    I'm tryng to setup wireless sync PC monitor on my work PC.

    I setup the account ok and tested my email setup, and
    my wireless sync works between my 650 and the

    But when I try to setup the PC monitor for an 'Individual Monitor' and enter my verizon number and password it comes back with 'Unable to find Exchange server for Email address ME' , and I can't complete the setup!

    At work we have outlook running from a server (I think) but we dont
    run Exchange.

    I tried reinstalling PC Monitor on my desktop, but it didn't help.

    What am I doing wrong!?!
    Where does PC monitor get the email address 'ME' from?
    Does Wireless Sync work with outlook server?
    Is there any other way I can sync wirelessly?

    All I want to do is wireless sync to my outlook calendar.
    - rek5a

    Treo 650 verizon v1.03 - snappermail v2.27 - agendus v9.06
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    PC Monitor only works with Exchange or Lotus notes. There is no way to wirelessly sync from Outlook. There is no such thing as Outlook "server". Outlook is the client application to Exchange (the server).

    If you have an exchange server at work (and that exchange server has the calendar you want to sync), then you can setup PCMonitor on a machine at your office and have it push your mail, calendar, contacts, etc. from exchange to the vzw wireless sync site.
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    pdagolfer, thanks for the info

    I found out that we do have Exchange running on a server but it is not
    directly connected to Outlook, email is pop'ed to the users Outlook client. Calendar info is not stored on the Exchange server only on the local Outlook.

    So I guess that Wireless Sync is of no use to me for syncing my calendar!

    Is there any other way of syncing wirelessly?

    thanks again.
    - rek5a

    Treo 650 verizon v1.03 - snappermail v2.27 - agendus v9.06
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    Unfornately, I don't know of another way to wirelessly sync calendar without an exchange server. It would be almost unheard of for a company to spend the $$$ on exchange licenses and not use it for MAPI email, calendar, and contacts. If a company wanted just POP mail, they can get that for free. If I were you I'd ask someone else.

    Can you see coworkers schedules??? If so, that is a pretty definite sign that you are using exchange for calendar.

    If you look in your outlook client under Tools -> Email Accounts -> (View or change existing email accounts) and you see something like "Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange", then you likely have what you need to use wireless sync.
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    I tried looking at the settings for outlook email accounts, but I see no mention
    of Exchange.

    We will be upgrading our exchange server at work in the next six months, so
    I think I'll wait until then.

    Thanks for your help.
    - rek5a

    Treo 650 verizon v1.03 - snappermail v2.27 - agendus v9.06
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    You can still use Wireless Sync (or any other POP mail client for that matter), since you're using POP. In that scenario all you'll get wirelessly is email - everything else will need to sync via cable/cradle. Just change your settings on the web PIM to be a POP account vs an Exchange account.

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