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    I have Verizon and have no need to have a high speed data connection and I also have RoadRunner. So I am very interested in using dialup access via RR for when I need to check email on the road. I entered the entire set of instructions below but I am getting the following error when I try to connect.

    PPP timeout

    I found these instuctions below here and I have checked the instuctions MANY times and can find no errors. All the Treo does is time out. Anyone doing this with Verizon and Roadrunner?

    Originally Posted by rlwhitt
    I just did this on my Verizon T650 and can verify that it works! It uses the slower (19.2K) circuit switched channel, so it counts against minutes.

    I have Roadrunner at home, and they offer a dialup option to customers where you dial a local number and make a PPP connection, just like any other dialup ISP, so this would work with any of them. Roadrunner dialup requires a script, others may not.

    Just for posterity, I'll detail ALL the steps here to set up Dialup via Roadrunner. I got bits of this from other threads, but never did see it all in one place, so here it is: (BTW, if you are a RR customer, you have to register online at the RR site to use dialup, but it does not cost extra).

    * Go to Prefs->Network
    * You'll see a locked Service, probably called National Access. You do not want to modify this anyway, as it's your high speed 1X data connection - the one they want to charge an arm and a leg and your first-born for.
    * Menu->New
    * Enter a name for Service, eg "Roadrunner Dialup"
    * Connection: Select Virtual Modem
    * User Name: This is your ISP login name, for Roadrunner it is the master email account, WITH your local domain name, eg "<username>".
    * Password: password, natch
    * Phone number: Your local access number
    * Tap Details->Advanced->Script
    * Modify the script commands to read exactly like this:
    o Send CR:
    o Send: aolnet/ent. <- INCLUDE THE PERIOD!
    o Send CR:
    o Send User ID:
    o Send CR:
    o Send CR:
    o Send Password:
    o Send CR:
    o Send CR:
    o Send: PPP
    o Send CR:
    o End
    * OK->OK->OK back to main screen
    * Tap Connect to test. If you end up seeing the Established message, you're golden
    * As long as you leave this Service as the selected one, it will be used for all data connections (email, web, etc). If you ever need/want to use the higher speed net, just go back into Prefs->Network and select the original one.
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    Same error here
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    when i try to type "aolnet etc" my treo 600 won't let me type.
    any thoughts?
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    now i'm getting a ppp timeout error. HELP PLS
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    same here, but I can connect to and then get email via mail2web and other sites as well as software. Slow but works in a bind.
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    I thought I'd heard Verizon is shutting down their older data access (QNC) and is going with 1xRTT and EVDO as its sole data connection choices.
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    hello, do you get charged for data or minutes when you go the route?
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    #8 gives me a dialup connection. It comes out of my minutes. However nocharge blocks smtp traffic so email programs will not work. Web browsing or web based email clients work fine.
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    i don't know how to set-up will you help me????
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    I think I have the answer to your prayers....I too have RoadRunner and Verizon. I also used the informatioin posted above for making a service connection. I also got all the error messages....BUT...I found a key and now my RoadRunner dialup WORKS...

    1. First make sure you Dialup with RoadRunner is's included, just needs to be activated through the web site.
    2. Use the information as posted above to create a New Network service connection.
    3. *** Create a New Connection in Connection Prefs (Not Network, Connection under Prefs) and use THIS:
    Name: (You Decide)
    Connect to : Modem
    Via: Wireless Modem
    Dialing: Touchtone
    Volume: Low
    Speed: 19,200
    Flow Ctl: Auto
    Init String:

    4. In your RoadRunner service connection use the new connection you just created as its connection.

    Hope this helps...
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    Tried it. RR and Verizon. Still get PPP timeout
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    Hey is there any Sprint user here trying to do the same? I am trying unsuccesfully with SBC Yahoo!.

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