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    Im planning on purchasing a 650 this week but i am not purchasing a data plan because i can not afford it. Is there any sure fire way to not be charged for data access and disabling it entirely from the phone? I've heard creating a dummy networking account with a virtual modem and prompting for a password eliminates the treo's access to the VZW national data services? is this confirmed so i dont wind up making a big mistake?
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    Pretty simply, don't install the wireless sync sync software. Don't set up email on your palm. It then has no reason to access the internet and Blazer (web browser) will ask if you want to connect. I have no data charge for my 1st 3 months
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    Ok, i will do that. i do want to sync via cable to my desktop's email however, should i find the need to read email or send it without using the nationalAccess. this is possible correct?

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