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    I just today dropped my 650 and it crushed a key into a permenant pressed state. The phone part would not work at all, wouldn't even ring. Screen worked but no buttons worked. I took it to Sprint and the techs could not fix it. I then found out I didn't have insurance (ugh, thought I did but realized I forgot to add it when purchased) yet they attempted to fix anyway. The good news is that it is covered under 1-year warranty (by Palm?) and they said it would be replaced for free. Bad news is that it would take 3 days to get another phone (because it is a Palm replacement and not Sprint?). Good news is that I have my old Sprint phone so activated it while waiting for new 650.

    Now, since I'm getting a new phone, will I be able to get Sprint insurance activated on it?

    BTW, I can understand why getting decent support is such a challenge. While waiting I listened to OPP (other peoples problems) and most customers in the store b|thched excessively and were extremely difficult on the reps, even though they were helpful. I was shocked how sh|ttily the reps were being treated over issues that would likely be eventual, like a 3-year old phone that simply dies. I can imagine the turnover is very high having to deal with b|tchy people many times an hour and hence a lot of support people probably turn sour. Maybe it's more difficult for Sprint than others since they tend to have more bleeding edge phones that would likely have more problems. My experience was fine and the reps were generally competent. But they seemed burned out. I certainly wouldn't want that job.
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    I think the system they have set up is bad.

    The sign in sheet where you're told the wait will be an hour (no adjustment when people walk out, the appointments that aren't kept or prepared for, the yelling across the room for the next person, even the security guard at the door.

    The stories I heard sound a lot like the manufacturers and the refurbers aren't keeping up the quality control - how many "I got a phone that was flawed" stories does it take for some serious questions about QA?

    And I can't figure out all the problems with the computer - lots of steps and then frowning, flipping around, and lost records.

    Then there's the passing off customers from one person to another, so the story needs repeating.

    The sales displays aren't right either. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm always turned off, go home and order online or go to one of the computer stores to buy.
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    The store I went into was a new concept store. There is a greeter at the door who takes your name on computer and it displays on a large panel. There were 8 standalone standup desks with reps. It was fairly busy but wait was no longer than 10 minutes the two times I was there. An angry lady jumped ahead of me anyway last time to pay her bill. She was angry because her credit card was rejected. That's the kind of crap they get to deal with.

    Quality control of hardware does seem to be an issue. The more features a phone has, the harder to deal with as well. Sprint also may have too many flexible plan options. Maybe if they went with simple to the point plans. Virgin Mobile really keeps it simple.

    Lost records, really? Never happened to me and I've been with Sprint since they started. And the web site is difficult??? Seems pretty intuitive to me considering all of the options.

    Anywho, anyone know if I'll be able to add insurance after I get my new phone? They said it will be new, not a refurb.
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    Yes, you can add insurance on your refurbished phone when you receive it. It will also have a 1-year warranty.
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    You can only add insurance at activation or within 30 days of activitation.

    It's probably a good idea to check the website a couple weeks after you request insurance to vetify it was added.

    If it's not and you don't catch it, it can't be put on retroactively and you would be SOL.

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    I switched the account temporarily to a Samsung i330 so when I get the new phone back, I wonder if I can add insurance when reactivating the T650? It will be a new phone afterall.
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    I just got my T650 back from Palm warranty. Phone works fine and looks new, in fact screen is brighter. I asked the Sprint rep at the store if I could add insurance and she said I could not because it is a refurbed phone and that I needed to have insurance with original purchase, but that I get an additional 6 months warranty for this phone. I later called the Sprint help line and simply said I have a Treo 650 that was just activated and would like to add insurance. She added it with no questions.

    So cool, I was able to add insurance even though I bought the original 650 back in Nov. If you want to try adding insurance, tell them you have a new 650 phone and just keep contacting different reps until one is willing to add it.
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