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    Someone was suppose to send it to me, but never did.
    Ever since updating to 1.12 I have a daily message about provision services....blah blah....
    1.08 was rock solid on my phone, and I want to go back!
    Please reply!

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    I still have but couldn't get it to upload. So if you want I can try and email it to you.
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    I have the 1.08 file. Can your email account accept a 10MB zip file, or will we have to rename it? I believe it was me that you asked. . . . it came back not accepted.

    PM your email address to me again. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I have a Sprint Treo phone that I need to go back to 1.08 (serial port problems after we applied 1.12, we need serial port for a demo). If you can help me get the 1.08 updated I would appreciate it immensely!
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    Private message me your email. . . .

    Hopefully, your ISP allows the download of 10mb files. It will be a renamed .zip file. Just rename the extension back to .zip (some firewalls block the .zip extension).

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Perry sent mine to me.
    Thanx, Perry!

    If you cannot get it for some reason, let me know. I can host it.

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